AMON - The Worship LP LP


Best known under the name Amon Goeth, but this was never the intention of the band. They are Amon!

Incredibly enough this is the first time The Worship gets released on LP. About time!

Their overall sound on this album could be described as blackened death-thrash, but that's pretty useless. Their influences run a very large gamut but to my ears they seem into pretty open, stripped down mid-80s sounds, classics like CELTIC FROST, VENOM, or even MERCYFUL FATE, mixed with Eastern European dark folk sensibilities. And I can't believe no one else has mentioned this, but more than anything this album reminds me of early DEATH. They are not nearly as brutal, but their guitar tone, drumming, tempos, riff structures and vocals all have that same thrash-influenced sound just taken to the immediate next level......not too fast, not too murky or thick, just super chunky and solid as hell.

I'm constantly impressed by the amount of different sounds they can join together consecutively into a great whole on this listening to a really interesting mix tape. A shame this was their second and last album before splitting up.

Highly recommended.