LOUDBLAST - Disincarnate LP New arrivals


For my taste ‘Disincarnate’ from 1991 is the real kicker in their early discography and an incredibly overlooked minor classic in death metal’s history. Instant purchase!

Loudblast from 1991 played this absolutely infectious technical, kind of progressive death metal, with hints of thrash metal, which I could easily put in the same category as albums of Death, Atheist, Pestilence, Cancer, Morgoth or Mercyless. What I love about "Disincarnate" is that it's technical death metal, but it still sounds very aggressive, brutal and nasty. The material here is very diverse, from blasting parts to slower, crushing stuff. From pure, aggressive straight forward pieces to more harmonious riffs. There's everything here and the whole album is very dynamic, powerful and it never bores or sounds tiring. Songwriting is top notch, I really cannot say anything bad about these riffs or arrangements, because they are fantastic.