ONIRIK "The Fire Cult Beyond Eternity" LP (pre-order) Pre-orders


With drums by none other than Dirge Rep, this album takes hold on a whole other level. He does an incredible job on this record!

The album is definitely a cornerstone in ONIRIK’s career, as each and every note is a direct expression of the poetry being sung in utmost contempt, as if the melodies and harmonies were built to emphasize the dramatic verses in a demiurgic fashion. Its magniloquent guitars chaotically tangle around the often crazed and inspired bass lines which are, according to Gonius Rex,, one of the album's highlights: "It was something rather unexpected but astoundingly rewarding," he comments, "the grave lines viciously deconstruct the guitar chords and wistful melodies."

The approach is like if Vicotnik and Greg Chandler collaborated on an album.