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SCALD (rus) "Will Of The Gods Is Great Power" DLP

Finally available on vinyl again! The massive and epic lone album by SCALD!

‘Will of the Gods is Great Power’ is overall an incredible album. Scald borrow from Bathory and Candlemass and manage to reach the same quality, arguably some even thinks they are surpassing them. A must for any fan of epic doom metal!
Sadly, SCALD's existence ceased in 1997 following the death of vocalist Maxim "Agyl" Andrianov. Nevertheless, what the band accomplished in just one record was a torch that's been picked up in recent years by the likes of DoomSword, Procession, Atlantean Codex, Ereb Altor, and Altar of Oblivion among others. Although there have been subsequent reissues since its original release, this is the first time in over a decade that Will of the Gods is a Great Power has been available on the vinyl format. Now, hear this stark 'n' stirring classic in its definitive version!

This is the regular black vinyl release. Printed inner sleeves and booklet inside. Gatefold cover.

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Label: Ordo MCM