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When I heard Nokturnal Mortum was coming out with a new album, I knew with myself that it would not top their last record "The Voice Of Steel", which is a masterpiece classic carved in stone. But fortunately, that is not what NM has tried either. This is not a record that tries to sound like the last one, even if there obviously is the epic and bombastic tracks that could surely fit in there. The permeating atmosphere is one switching between epic bombast, wistful melancholy and primitive power. Immortality and mortality; future, present, and past. Some of the symphonic parts remind me of Limbonic Art’s ”Moon in the Scorpio” and Arcturus’ ”Aspera Hiems Symfonia”, and that’s a huge major compliment in my book.

The album gatefold is printed on durable, high-quality cardboard, and there’s a lavish, thirty-six-page, 12”x12” booklet included with lyrics in Ukrainian and English, artwork for every song, and various other stuff to enhance your musical journey with this album.