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JORDABLOD (swe) "Upon My Cremation Pyre" D-LP

Try mixing old Bathory with Negative Plane, then you're close to the massive debut-album by Jordablod from Sweden. Despite those influences, they’re never silly or sugary. It’s done with good taste and a profound understanding of how their music should sound. At times, Jordablod sounds like a more organic Negative Plane. They both took the first wave sound and made it contemporary. The guitars are vivid, in your face and even in the softer, slower moments, there’s stuff happening. There’s absolutely no filler on this record. The guitar tone has this complex otherworldly charm. The band shines on those epic moments.

Just like its artwork, Upon My Cremation Pyre is a grandiose, colourful record full of twists and turns.
Should NOT be overlooked!