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BLOOD RED FOG (fin) "On Death's Wings" LP

On Death’s Wings is the third full-length album from the Finnish black metal act Blood Red Fog.
This album sees Blood Red Fog continuing their tradition of mid-tempo black metal, with five tracks clocking in at thirty six minutes. Although the band's sound is decidedly Finnish in style, Blood Red Fog owes a lot of their sound to being influenced by the likes of Burzum, Mütiilation and Drudkh. Amidst the trem riffing and rather raw and gruff exterior, there is a fair amount of melody, albeit the stark kind. Much like the forerunners of depressive black metal, Blood Red Fog's music weaves a rather dismal web of minor keys and tortured vocals with some good old fashioned black metal. On Death's Wings is a rather depressing affair, yet underneath is cobweb-strewn exterior lies a trance inducing quality.